Our Philosophy

Shift+4 Marketing was created with a single idea: Provide marketing services that not only bring business (money) to our customers, but will also bring a peace of mind and higher quality of life to their business and personal lives.

The idea of offering a powerful and complete marketing and PR service company to like-minded business owners locally and nationally was born and its name is Shift+4 Marketing.

We do not take on every client or project that comes our way. Even in our beginning months, we turned away opportunities that would have made us money, but would not have fulfilled our quality of life goals. We’ve discovered over the years that certain types of projects (and yes, even customers) are not worth it. We want to LIKE our clients and the hard work we do for them — after all, this is what we do when we are away from our family and personal time!

We are personally close to our clients, which makes our perspective unique on what they want for their businesses and for themselves as individuals. We are friends with our clients. We believe that provides us the insight to truly work FOR them and WITH them on attaining (not reaching for, attaining) their business and personal goals.

We bring decades of experience in marketing, public relations, copywriting, design and production to each and every thing we work on — whether it’s a small project or a long-term customer relationship. After all, we are about quality of work and quality of life.

If your business and personal lives could use a bit of balance and perspective (and cash flow), call us to see if we are a match. Initial meetings are always free of charge and require zero obligation. We prefer doing business face-to-face — especially at first — so we do not provide quotations on our web site or over the phone.

Call Shift+4 Marketing today and get on the road to making you, your business and your bank account a whole lot happier: (888) 901-1622

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