Here are a few typical questions we get about marketing and public relations. Don’t see your question here? Send it to us by filling out the quick contact form or call us at (888) 901-1622

Q: How much is it to hire a marketing/PR agency?

A: It’s probably easy to understand that each organization we work with is as different as their marketing strategy, needs and budget. We pride ourselves in working with even the smallest businesses and budgets to give them a leg up without costing them that same leg.

We have solutions that start as low as $200 per month all the way up to having a portion of our staff dedicated per week to a specific client’s needs – on a temporary or permanent basis. You’ve got to start somewhere and we strongly believe that every small business can benefit – at the very least! – to having a catalyst each month that “forces” you focus on your marketing efforts. Each meeting you have with us will make you think about marketing leading up to the meeting, during the meeting and afterward. To some businesses, that catalyst alone can make a huge difference since marketing is one of those pesky little things that you know you need to focus on, but is SO easy to justify putting off until a later date.

Q: Will I be locked into a long-term contract that I can’t get out of?

A: We are in the business of building long-term relationships and consider our customers friends and family. We do our job, you do yours and the sound of your cash register ringing keeps us all happy and best of friends.

Having said that, we don’t pretend that every client is right for our style of marketing. We take great care in selecting (yes, selecting) our clientele. We want to work with people like us – passionate, friendly, reasonable and fun. If that combination somehow goes south, we don’t want to lock anyone into a frustrating situation. Our initial agreements are for 3 months. We need that time to evaluate your business and to create a strategy and MAP (Marketing Action Plan). After that initial 3 month period, we are under a month-to-month agreement that may be canceled at any time with 30 days written notice by either party.

Q: I own a very small business. Why do I need public relations?

A: The biggest complaint we hear from small businesses is how they seem to be at a loss as to where to begin when it comes to marketing. Marketing is very different from advertising. Advertising is the result of a strategic marketing plan. Without the plan, there is no focus to your advertising efforts. So saying things like, “I have ads in the Yellow Pages and a web site, but I’m drowning!” makes sense if you don’t have a solid plan for success. Having a relationship with the media – even on a local level – can help tremendously.

First, it can get you on the radar, so to speak, of the local media. If you make something or have a service that is related to a piece your local paper is working on, don’t you want to be the “expert in the field” that they call? That can’t happen unless they know who you are. Public Relations goes way beyond that, but that’s just one example of how it can help even small businesses to expand their reach and keep their business in the public domain.

Q: Do I really need to be on Facebook?

A: We’ll bet that almost ALL of your target market (please realize that you may not, in fact, be a part of your target market) is on Facebook from once a week to several times PER DAY. Any questions?

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